If you would like to pack certain items yourself, we will provide you with solid boxes, air cushions and multi-layer paper wrappers a few days before the move. It is also possible to pack some things yourself and leave the rest to our team. You decide how it is best for you. We are pleased to assist you.

The packing material we use is extremely reliable. It has been designed in close collaboration with our suppliers to meet the highest requirements with regard to strength and compliance with environmental standards. Freight Carrier provides us with a wide range of high-quality packaging in various sizes and thicknesses. We can offer special boxes for any kind of object.

We also manufacture tailor-made crates for fragile items such as marble, statues, paintings, mirrors and the like. When packing, a numbered packing list is set up so that the number of boxes received at the destination can be checked and the contents of every boxes can be assigned. We also note their location at the origin site, in order to simplify the placement of objects at the destination. When transporting vehicles in containers, we ensure that the vehicle is tied and secured with special wedges to prevent it from slipping. 

Packing of dishes

We ensure that plate pads are always larger than the diameter of the plates. The bottom plate is wrapped paper and topped with a pad. This is followed alternately by plates and pads. No piece of porcelain comes in direct contact with another.

Packaging of glass Glasses

Glasses are packed first in padding and then in wrapping paper. The ends of the packs are never pressed, since they serve as “shock absorbers”.

Packing of wine

Wine and other bottles are packed in bottle casings and/or bottle cartons with honeycomb packing material.

Packing of mattresses

Mattresses are packed in mattress boxes. They are first wrapped in foil to provide protection against stains or dirt. Mattresses and carpets are never folded. For oversized mattresses, two boxes are inserted into each other. Cushions and blankets are packed in special covers.

Packaging of upholstery furniture

Plastic or fabric covers protect upholstered furniture against dirt. In addition, upholstered furniture is protected with transport covers and wrapping film.

Packing of paintings or mirrors

Paintings or mirrors are first packed in paper blankets and/or in air cushion film and then inserted into variable-sized picture boxes. A set of variable cartons consists of four parts, which are inserted in each other in a clockwise direction. They can thus be adapted to the size of the object being packed.

Packing books

Books are packed in boxes only up to the carrying handles. This prevents pinched fingers and cartons that are too heavy. Also to keep book boxes from becoming too heavy, books can be combined with lighter objects such as pillows. Book boxes are numbered consecutively, according to the shelves from which they were taken.

Packing of televisions an sound systems

Televisions are packed in air bubble-wrap or paper covers and then in special boxes. Corners and edges are specially protected. If available, a transport safety device is installed in CD players.

Packing of porcelain and crystal

Fragile and valuable objects such as crystal and porcelain require particularly careful treatment. The parts of porcelain that are very fragile and easily broken, such as handles or spouts, must be specially protected. They receive special wrapping. Lids are removed and wrapped separately and then packed together with their main part. Crystal is packed in special foam-lined suitcases, with foam surrounding the object exactly. Breakage is nearly impossible.

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